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Brush Controls is a manufacturers representative firm specializing in the sales and application of industrial devices for machine motion control. Since 1985 we have been using our in-depth knowledge of electromechanical systems and sensors to solve our customers most demanding applications.

Many of our products are available through a network of stocking distributors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Southwest Ontario.

Machine Motion Specialists

Products include:

Precision gear reducers, inline and right angle

Rotary and linear encoders

Linear actuators, both belt and screw driven

AC vector drives

AC motor controls and operators devices

AC gearmotors and C-face reducers

Rack and pinion systems

Linear servo motors and drives

Modular aluminum products

Pneumatic cylinder switches

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Manufacturers include:

Wittenstein Gear, maker of Alpha Gear Reducers

Bauer Gearmotors

Diakont Actuators


Sick Inc. Encoders and Cylinder Switches

Danfoss Drives, now including Vacon Drives

Springer Controls


EDrive Actuators


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